P4T Beginnings

Power4Teens has been a lifetime in the making and opened it's doors in 2011 with summer day camps and small girls groups. Since that time it has developed and grown mainly as a result of the incredible people who have been part of it and supported its efforts. Most of our business comes from word of mouth and we are continually growing our community.

Our people are our product. We are continually growing and learning from each other, the kids and parents we encounter and from the courses we take. Our ability to teach and inspire others is by staying current and being continual students of life and by developing ourselves and our skills.

Our Philosophy

What an AWESOME idea...... let's forget for a moment about traditional education, Kumon and Oxford Learning Centres, let's talk about what really creates success and happiness and invest our time in that.. oh yeah!! We know it's important to know how to multiply, do fractions and spell stuff, but it isn't everything, in fact at Power4Teens we believe there is so much more. True power, success and happiness comes from having a healthy self esteem and confidence, it dictates how we treat and feel about ourselves and others, how we assert ourselves, view and act in the world, and take care of our basic needs and desires.

At Power4Teens we believe in an open mind, a strong body and a beautiful soul and all our lessons, teachings, interactions and activities reflect that belief. We create an environment where we celebrate the fact that we are all unique and respect others differing opinions and we seek to grow together as a community. We believe you need a good understanding of yourself (which can take an entire lifetime!) to know how to manage your emotions and relationships with others. It is only with practice that we achieve a healthy balance of mind, body and spirit and we achieve that mainly through silliness, fun & laughter.

So join us for fun, laughter, fitness, building self esteem, meeting great people and working out who you are, who you want to be, what you want to do and start living the life of that person NOW. 

Why wait to feel fabulous!!