Charlie's ability to understand and connect to youth & teens is the pillar of her practise. Parents who feel they can no longer help their child  because of their close attachment as mother /father or parents who have lost hope or are worried and can't connect will find reassurance through Charlie's guidance through the process.

Her practice is based on a belief in humanistic and positive psychology which emphasizes an individuals inherent drive and desire to express their capabilities to achieve happiness and success. Charlie focuses on POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY. Some of the common misconceptions that have led Charlie to build a practice that  focuses on building strengths and positive attributes rather than always discussing the negatives, are as follows:

misconception no #1:
fixing what is wrong automatically leads to well-being 

- getting rid of anger, fear, and depression will not automatically cause peace, love, and joy

- the absence of mental illness does not imply the presence of mental health (and vice versa)

misconception no #2:
effective coping is reflected by a reduction of negative states

e.g. it is not the absence of stress that is related to successful weight maintenance, but rather the ability to effectively deal with stress 

misconception no #3:
a weakness focus can help to prevent problems

-When it comes to prevention, the question should not be “How can we treat people with problem X effectively?”, but “How can problem X be prevented from occurring?” “Why do people suffer from problem X?” vs “Why do some people flourish despite difficult circumstances?”§

Charlie comfortably discusses the weaknesses and challenges clients face while helping to find the root cause. She also emphasizes and encourages clients to find and promote their strengths, bringing more positivity and motivation into their life. She believes that the presenting issues are not the cause and digs deeper.

Some of the 'resulting issues' Charlie helps clients find the cause of are as follows:

Eating Disorders


Low Motivation


Insecure & Low Self Esteem

Body Image Issues

Parental Divorce or Disconnect

School Friends/Education

Charlie's personal experiences and unbelief in the intricate connection between the mind, body and soul are highlighted in her work. She incorporates body psychotherapy, visualization, 2 chair work, chording, focusing and  mindfulness practices in her work for an eclectic mix of strategies to get clients creating real change. 

Charlie doesn't approach her practice with the idea that people are broken and need to be fixed and steers away from making people feel like they are being analyzed, scrutinised and judged to find a problem. She creates an environment which is about self discovery and questioning behaviours, values, hopes and goals to create positive change. With this approach kids are proud and empowered by the work they are doing and approach it with confidence creating the perfect climate for growth and change. Charlie calls herself an eclectic mix of coach, fitness specialist, mentor and psychotherapist and creates a relaxed environment working out of a beautiful and natural space which is not intimidating or clinical.   

Charlie can bring in her training as a personal fitness trainer, life coach and Registered Psychotherapist (Q) into her sessions and finds she achieves the best results when there is a combination of work on the mind, body and soul. 

Sessions are generally not programmed or structured but flow organically based on the client and where they are at in each session. A session could include talk therapy, body psychotherapy, visualization, creative writing or fitness. It is possible a session could start with a conversation about anger and it result in the boxing gloves coming out to physically remove that anger from the body to examine and continue the discussion again. Or the anxiety of a school test could turn into a session lying down and going through a meditation, visualization or just listening to the body to find the real source of the anxiety.   

Sessions are 1 hour or more.

Cost: $95 +hst ph (pro-rated thereafter)

Insurance Coverage: As a Registered Psychotherapist services are covered under some insurance plans.

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