Who We Are

There is a manifold of incredible people that make the Power4Teens fitness and self esteem programs varied and exciting. Whether it be a self defence class, a Zumba class, nutritional advice or learning how to dress for success all of these incredible people have dedicated themselves to the health and wellness industry. 

Everyone who comes to teach, consult or advise for Power4Teens does so with the objective of helping girls find balance in their lives and encouraging healthy lifestyle choices by creating knowledge, self esteem and POWER. 

Power4Teens is a network of incredible women with specialised experience in fitness (Zumba, kickboxing, yoga, pilates, self defence), health and wellness industry (nutritionists, beauty therapists) and teen psychology (clinical psychologists, social workers). Power4Teens brings a variety of women and skills to workshops, classes and Summer Camps and can provide specialised referrals where necessary. 

Charlie Page

No-one could ever say Charlie doesn't know how to have a good time, if there's fun to be had, she'll be there. If she wants something she'll go and get it. She's enthusiastic with boundless energy and a positive outlook on life. She doesn't take life or herself too seriously but takes living very seriously.  

Charlie has an honours degree from Bristol University (England) and tax qualifications from the UK and US. She worked many years as an international tax advisor for Deloitte & Touche and PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Realizing her interests and  skills could be put to better use, she redirected her life path and became a fitness instructor, personal trainer and certified coach practitioner. After creating Power4Teens and working with some youth who had more challenges than Power4Teens was set up for Charlie returned to school and become a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying). During her studies the importance and depth of the connection between the mind, body and soul for positive mental wellness where further highlighted. 

She is a dedicated athlete, adventure racer, soccer coach, wife and mother; but it is life's experiences, her rocky teenage years and profound understanding and connection with youth which led to her creating Power4Teens.

With a unique connection to youth she provides a soft place for girls to land to discuss and explore their concerns, whether it be difficult relationships, effects of divorce, stress and anxiety, peer pressure, body image, weight issues, sexuality or anorexia, Charlie effectively leads girls to explore and understand themselves to help them discover the solution to their problems.  

Most women discover their true power in their 30's, 40's, 50's, sometimes never. Charlie's goal is to bring this knowledge and strength to teens so they can start living a life free from fear and full of confidence right NOW. Why wait to feel fabulous?

Shyanne Spilchen

It's difficult to describe Shyanne's "it" factor. It is more than what she does and says, it is the energy and passion she brings to it that radiates through her and onto the youth she works with. Kids leave their time spent with Shyanne feeling positive and empowered with a renewed sense of energy and purpose. Shyanne's 'it" factor was discovered when she was only 13 years old by an organization that took her on and trained her as a camp counsellor, later becoming a camp coordinator. As she watched some of her peers take less positive paths her passion for fitness and working and developing youth kept her on a path to success and ignited a fire inside her which still burns brightly. She never looked back. 

Shyanne went on to receive a Fitness and Health Promotion Diploma from Humber College and became a young entrepreneur starting a number of successful businesses, most recently FITNESS4YOUTH. Shyanne's need to expand and reach more youth has led her to branch out and share her expertise by becoming co-owner of Power4Teens. 

Shyanne attributes much of her strength and success to being raised by a powerful and resourceful single mother and recognizes the importance of the mentors in her life who helped her find her path. It is this gift she wants to share and pass on to other young girls. Shyanne has received numerous youth work certifications including Zumba kids and High Five and is a CPR PROTRAINER through canfitpro.

Ruth Wallace - Head Camp Counsellor

Ruth is really crazy in a good way chant all the campers. Whether it is dancing around the campfire or playing Big Booty she knows how to get girls, young & old(!) motivated and inspired.

Ruth has over ten years of summer camp experience. She took on the role of a leader in training at Camp Good News and then went on to become an overnight camp counsellor and cabin leader. Ruth has completed several leadership training programs with Toronto Parks and Recreation, Power 4 Teens, and Child Evangelism Fellowship Ontario (CEF). Ruth attended the Etobicoke School of the Arts for dance and she continues to share her dance knowledge with children in her community. 

Ruth loves being in the outdoors and working with youth. Ruth’s moto is “Life is Beautiful”.

Jenifer Rudski - Yoga & Paddleboard Instructor

Jenifer's love of board sports started on the epic hills of Ontario on her snowboard and the busy streets of Toronto on her long board. On a snowboarding road-trip adventure in B.C. a faulty bungee cord caused her to loose her snowboard. Bummed about her loss but staying true to her zen-like nature her solution was to keep heading west to Tofino to give surfing a try, with rented gear and a few pointers, Jenifer jumped into the pacific and with a little patience, caught her first wave initiating her love of surfing. On the same trip she and her friends continued south to California, where they surfed with sea lions in San Francisco and great whites in a secret hippy surf town off Highway 1. Since then her surfing travels took her to Nova Scotia, Peru, Ecuador, and in 2009 Jenifer was introduced to Paddle boarding on Lake Ontario, she has surfed the lake waves, paddled from sunrise to sunset and discovered a deep connection to the water. 

Paddle boarding's balancing connection to body, breath and water compliments her Yoga roots and she looks forward to sharing early morning paddle and sun-salutations on Lake Ontario every summer.

Jenifer is a Certified Paddle Board Instructor through Paddle Canada, Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher, and CPR & First Aid Certified.       

Jennifer Huggins - Self Defence & Boxing

Jennifer is Founder of Kingsway boxing studio and Founder & Executive Director of the fight to end Cancer and an Olympic boxing judge. She was recently featured on Notable.ca’s prestigious “Notable Young Entrepreneur” list.
Jennifer has incredible energy and passion for what she does and brings her passion, spark and energy to girls at Power4Teens teaching self defence and boxing on the Summer camps. She is an incredible role model for young girls and shares the wisdom and experiences from her youth with the girls whilst teaching self defence, safety and general awareness required in life. She has an amazing ability to capture her audience and also the ability to refocus the girls when they are just having 'too much fun'. She means business and business means activity, fun and focusing on the task at hand.

Hilary Whiskin - Crash Rhythm Drummer

Hilary is a power house of authenticity and inspiration. She brings energy, laughter, confidence and leadership skills to the students she works with. Using bucket drumming to teach the foundations of music theory, ensemble work, improvisation and musical creativity P4T girls find their confidence within and let it all out while smiling, laughing and making lots of noise! Earplugs recommended!! If you want to find the magical child that lives within, Hilary and bucket drumming will do that for you. It's like therapy for accessing your inside voice!

Steph Rasiuk -Diva4The Day

You would never have guessed that in her early teenage years this confident and outgoing woman struggled with who she was. Largely credited to the positive relationships in her life and her belief that she deserved better and could be better she had the strength to seek change. The help she received and the positive changes she saw in herself were so pivotal that she set out to learn more and help others achieve the same goals. 

Steph is a recent graduate of Queen’s University, where she earned her honours degree in psychology. She has an extensive knowledge and understanding of self-esteem as well as a experience practicing Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. She continues to further her education in areas such as Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy. Steph's ability to relate so well and have such fun with kids has made her an important part of the summer camps, and her approachability and relatability has made her a vital resource for everyone who is a part of P4T.

Masa Avramovic - Yoga Instructor

Power4Teens is so fortunate to have found Masa and have her incredible enthusiasm and spirit to help lead girls to better understand themselves and deal with life issues. Masa​ recently completed her Business Commerce degree with a major in Entrepreneurship. At school she worked as a success facilitator with first year students, where she assisted by acquainting them with their new school, and by sharing effective learning methods.

Masa completed her Yoga Teacher Training course in 2015 and brings her wisdom and interest in self improvement  to P4T teens. She is passionate about sharing the knowledge and tools she has gained over the years to help teens find their own personal mind, body, and spirit balance. 

Jackie Boone-Henna Artist

Jackie is an Ontario Certified Teacher who is currently teaching full-time in Mississauga for her fifth year. She has an abundance of experience with youth through camp counselling, tutoring and coaching youth and women’s competitive soccer teams. One of Jackie’s greatest passions is soccer, which she has been playing for as long as she can remember. It is also the reason she became involved with Power4Teens, as one of her fierce competitors was Co-Owner, Charlie Page.

Jackie is also passionate about visual arts, and has channelled her skills into practicing henna, which is a temporary tattoo-like form of body art. Crafting all of her designs free hand, she enjoys getting creative and is always open to unique requests.