P4T is about People

There is a manifold of incredible people that make the Power4Teens groups, camps, workshops and retreats varied and exciting. Whether it be a self defence class, a Zumba class, meditation, or nutritional advice all of these incredible people have dedicated themselves to the health and wellness industry. 

Everyone who comes to teach, consult or advise for Power4Teens does so with the objective of helping youth and adults find balance in their lives and encouraging healthy lifestyle choices by creating knowledge, self esteem and POWER. 

Power4Teens is a network of incredible people with specialised experience in fitness (Zumba, kickboxing, yoga, pilates, self defence), health and wellness industry (nutritionists, beauty therapists) and teen psychology (clinical psychologists, social workers). 

Charlie Page



No-one could ever say Charlie doesn't know how to have a good time, if there's fun to be had, she'll be there. If she wants something she'll go and get it. She's enthusiastic with boundless energy and a positive outlook on life. She doesn't take life or herself too seriously but takes living very seriously.  

Charlie holds an honours degree from Bristol University (England) and tax qualifications from the UK and US. She worked many years as an international tax advisor for Deloitte & Touche and PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Realizing her interests and  skills could be put to better use she redirected her life path and retrained to become a registered psychotherapist (RP). She is also a personal trainer and fitness instructor with CAN-FIT-PRO and believes for optimal health is a combination of mind, body and spirit.

She is a dedicated athlete, adventure racer, soccer coach, wife and mother; but it is life's experiences, her rocky teenage years and profound understanding and connection with youth which led to her creating Power4Teens.

With a unique connection to youth and the positivity of this new generation combined with an understanding of the challenges, she provides the perfect place for them to discuss and explore their concerns. Whether it be a difficult relationship, effects of divorce, stress and anxiety, depression, eating disorders or sexuality, Charlie effectively leads youth to explore and understand themselves to help them discover the solution to their situation.  

Most people discover their true power in their 30's, 40's, 50's, sometimes never. Charlie's goal is to bring this knowledge and strength to teens so they can start living a life free from fear and full of confidence right NOW. Why wait to feel fabulous?

Shyanne McPherson


Owner of P4T, Youth Fitness Professional & First-Aid Instructor

As a wife, a new mama to a beautiful baby girl, Kaiya Brielle, and the proud new owner Power4Teens, Shyanne isn’t as shy as her name suggests. 

Growing up, Shyanne wasn't the easiest child. She didn’t play by the rules and she always took risks, which would probably explain why she became an entrepreneur. 

Shyanne has always been intrigued by the world of fitness. With over 10 years in the field, she credits the fitness industry for paving her life’s journey. Shyanne lives and breathes fitness and says her passion lies far beyond simple exercise. She believes that fitness is about your mind, body and soul. She thrives on bringing her bright and positive energy to all of her classes and it always radiates to her students.

“As a teen I could have used positive role models to influence my life. Being able to be that person now and give back to the community and be able to influence those who need it most, really brings out the best in me. It is truly an indescribable feeling knowing that I am helping change lives of others at such a young age. Grateful to have the best job ever!”

Olivia Shea


Head Camp Counsellor, Tutor

We are so excited to have Olivia on our team. Her detailed organization skills combined with her 'go with the flow' and 'just stop and be for a moment' mentality help create a beautiful structured yet relaxed environment for kids and junior counsellors to shine at camp. A great team player who has the ability to take control and relinquish it to others when needed.

She is a bundle of creative energy always ready for impromptu visual art projects or improvised dramatic skits with imaginary props. Olivia is a firm believer in living with your heart on your sleeve and embracing your true and authentic self. She is very playful and connects with others in her favourite way; through laughter! She believes that a life full of funny faces and strange dances is a life worth living. When you hear the song 'this girl is on fire' you know it was written for people like Liv.

Olivia is a graduate of the University of Guelph with a Bsc in Biological Science. Olivia tutors students up to High School in Science, Maths & French and has led 12-week after-school leadership programs teaching resilience, confidence and how to successfully transition into high school. These experiences sparked Olivia’s passion for empowering youth to succeed in school and in life. 

Olivia’s passion to share how self-love, mindfulness, meditation, compassion, believing in yourself and the power of positive thinking can re-train our brains and change our lives is the foundation for her tutoring business “Learning with Liv” that services the High Park community in Toronto. 

Roberta Harris


Girls Group Facilitator, Life Coach, Character Strengths

Wow, we just scored an amazing addition to our team. This nature loving woman comes with such amazing energy and experience. We feel truly blessed. An entrepreneur who had her own medical business, she sold up a few years ago to fulfill her passion; working and mentoring adults and youth through coaching and connecting them to their authentic self, their true strengths, nature and outdoors.

She has been creating amazing workshops on character strengths in west Toronto which have been very well received by parents and kids alike. She is now looking for a regular gig where she can share her knowledge and help kids to develop their strengths and passions through strengths based activities, play, dance, art, and connection. The girls groups are a great fit for her to develop youth over time while having fun.

She has been doing amazing work facilitating with the Pine project, which takes kids outdoors, connects them with nature and she is well loved. Her ability to connect so well with people is that her age can range from 0-100 depending who she is with and what is needed in the moment, she’s timeless, showing that age is just an attitude. A true intuitive worker, her programs flow from what is needed by the group. The first conversation we had she started with 'I was with a friend the other day, she's 5'......... enough said, I get it!!

Jenifer Rudski


Chef/Paddleboard Instructor/Yoga Instructor

The question is always, "where's Jenifer?" If she's not with Power4Teens camps and retreats she can be found anywhere on the globe, surfing, teaching yoga and spreading her essence and calm beautiful energy. Always exploring and with a heart for adventure.

Jenifer's love of board sports started on the epic hills of Ontario on her snowboard and the busy streets of Toronto on her long board. On a snowboarding road-trip adventure in B.C. a faulty bungee cord caused her to loose her snowboard. Bummed about her loss but staying true to her zen-like nature her solution was to keep heading west to Tofino to give surfing a try, with rented gear and a few pointers, Jenifer jumped into the pacific and with a little patience, caught her first wave initiating her love of surfing. On the same trip she and her friends continued south to California, where they surfed with sea lions in San Francisco and great whites in a secret hippy surf town off Highway 1. Since then her surfing travels took her to Nova Scotia, Peru, Ecuador, and in 2009 Jenifer was introduced to Paddle boarding on Lake Ontario, she has surfed the lake waves, paddled from sunrise to sunset and discovered a deep connection to the water. 

Paddle boarding's balancing connection to body, breath and water compliments her Yoga roots and she looks forward to sharing early morning paddle and sun-salutations on Lake Ontario every summer.

Jenifer is a Certified Paddle Board Instructor through Paddle Canada, Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher, and CPR & First Aid Certified.       

Shanelle Hanson


Camp Counsellor & Lifeguard

Shanelle is a bubble of fun and she brings her energy and wisdom to our girls camps and girls groups throughout the year. Shanelle's passion for karaoke and roasting marshmallows is very apparent at our overnight camps and her authentic refreshing personality draws kids to her and allows them to be free and express themselves more confidently.

Shanelle joined P4T in 2018. She has a passion for nutrition and fitness and loves to share her positivity and passion of living a healthy lifestyle with others. Shanelle has been a figure skater for 13 years and has carried on her passion as an assistant coach and is working on earning her coaching licence. Shanelle is also a qualified lifeguard and her volunteer and community work has given her excellent skills in working with youth and being an excellent communicator with fellow staff, parents and the kids.

Currently in grade 12 Shanelle is planning to go to University next year to study kinesiology. She provides a well rounded role model for our girls and we are so grateful to have her on our team.

Caroline Pinnington


Camp Counsellor & Lifeguard

OK kids, prepared to be excited! If there's someone who can spark up a kids day and camp experience it's Caroline. We just have to work out how to get them to stop hanging off her so that we can get on with camp activities! 

Caroline embraces everything this camp stands for and we are so excited to have her inspiring our girls. She is very excited to be starting a degree in engineering at the University of Toronto this year (2019). She is also an all around sports girl and team player, member of track and field, field hockey and alpine snowboarding teams. As a lifelong competitive figure skater she recently obtained her Coaching Certification from Skate Canada and has been honing her teaching  skills at the Skating Club to children of all ages. 

As a child and teen she spent her Summers camping and on road trips with her parents all over northern Ontario, which has led to her love for the outdoors. Her favourite activities include backcountry hiking, swimming, kayaking and canoeing. 

She likes to wind down by taking a long distance run! 

Ruth Wallace


Camp Counsellor

Ruth is just incredible and when you meet her you'll know what we mean. She is an honours student and in her first year at Trent University  where she is President of her house and just won the Rowing award (among others). With a goal to become Canada's first black prime minister and with the attitude to get her there we are so happy to have her at P4T for another year. 

Whether it is dancing around the campfire or playing Big Booty she knows how to get kids, young & old(!) motivated and inspired. Her dance background, energy, compassion and positivity about life and her experience of life challenges give her the perfect balance between crazy, serious and fun that everyone can relate to and learn from.

Ruth has over ten years of summer camp experience. She took on the role of a leader in training at Camp Good News and then went on to become an overnight camp counsellor and cabin leader. Ruth has completed several leadership training programs with Toronto Parks and Recreation, Power 4 Teens, and Child Evangelism Fellowship Ontario (CEF). Ruth attended the Etobicoke School of the Arts for dance and she continues to share her dance knowledge with children in her community. 

Ruth loves being in the outdoors and working with youth. Ruth’s moto is “Life is Beautiful”.

Kimberley Wakefield


Guru/Expert/Mentor & Overnight Camps

We are so lucky to have found Kimberley in the final stages of completing her Master’s of Science in Applied Positive Psychology. She is joining the Power4Teens team to spread her words of wisdom and to positively impact our girls, counsellors, parents and everyone who comes into contact with her.

She is a certified coach, positive psychology enthusiast, avid soccer player, single mom of two plus a few pets. She is certified in Mental Health first aid and is a big believer in the power of our inner selves to evolve and grow.  Her background is in marketing and communications having worked in corporate, agency and not-for-profit arenas. A true pan-Canadian, she currently lives in Toronto but has lived in Vancouver, holds an MBA from Dalhousie University in Halifax and her undergraduate alma mater is McGill University in Montreal. Kimberley is passionate about bringing the scientific research behind leading flourishing, fulfilling lives to both adults and children of all ages and she does this through one-on-one coaching, seminars and teaching sessions.  You can always count on her to give you an honest, carefully thought out perspective full of empathy and support. 

We are very excited to have her professionalism and fun, down to earth approach on our camps this Summer. She's sure to bring a mothering warmth to our kids at overnight camp while initiating some great discussions and hopefully teaching some of her soccer skills!

Jennifer Huggins


Self Defence/Boxing

Jennifer is the perfect role model for young girls and an inspiration to the boys she works with. She is the founder of Kingsway boxing studio, the Founder & Executive Director of the fight to end Cancer and an Olympic boxing judge. She was recently featured on Notable.ca’s prestigious “Notable Young Entrepreneur” list.

Jennifer is the perfect combination between a pitbull and a pussycat with an indescribable amount of energy and passion for what she does. She brings her passion, spark and energy to the youth at Power4Teens teaching self defence and boxing on the Summer camps. She shares the wisdom and experiences from her youth while teaching self defence, safety and general awareness required in life. She has an amazing ability to capture her audience and also the ability to refocus kids when they are just having 'too much fun'. She means business and business means activity, fun and focusing on the task at hand.

Nothing stops this girl and if she sets a goal you can be pretty sure she'll reach it, regardless of the obstacles in the way. You'll likely not find a more compassionate and driven person. She loves everyone and everyone loves her.

Steph Rasiuk


You would never have guessed that in her early teenage years this confident and outgoing woman struggled with who she was. Largely credited to the positive relationships in her life and her belief that she deserved better and could be better she had the strength to seek change. The help she received and the positive changes she saw in herself were so pivotal that she set out to learn more and help others achieve the same goals. 

Steph is a recent graduate of Queen’s University, where she earned her honours degree in psychology. She has an extensive knowledge and understanding of self-esteem as well as a experience practicing Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. She continues to further her education in areas such as Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy. Steph's ability to relate so well and have such fun with kids has made her an important part of the summer camps, and her approachability and relatability has made her a vital resource for everyone who is a part of P4T.