Women's SUP Retreat

NIRVANA - June 1-3, 2018


CHARLIE PAGE - Paddleboard Instructor & Workshops

JENNIFER RUDSKI - Chef Extroadinaire & SUP Yoga



We have found no other retreats that combine relaxation for the soul, exercise for the body and learning for the mind.  This retreat works the slow and fast energy vibration levels: slowing down the mind while speeding up the metabolic body for a fully rivatalising experience. You will return with a calmer mind and a re-energised body, inspired to keep moving and kickstarting it into positive transformation.

Your hosts form a dynamic trio as specialists in yoga, fitness and psychotherapy to provide a fully holistic retreat that you will not easily forget. 

This retreat is located on 14 acres of property (near Orangeville) just 1 hour from downtown Toronto and is aimed towards the busy woman who needs time away for herself to enjoy:

* SUP (stand up paddleboarding) with instruction

* relaxation & reflection, 

* fitness classes & hiking

* delicious nutritious food (vegetarian), 

* mindfulness practices

* yoga (in studio and on SUP)

* intimate fun and laughter with other dynamic women 

* interactive workshops on:

                  - promoting positive  relationships

                  - understanding family dynamics

* nightly campfires

This Women's SUP Retreat will leave you with new friends, new ideas, a new calmness and you'll be desperately waiting for the next time we can get together. Become part of our family for the weekend as we learn what feeling beyoutiful is all about and then go home and spread it into your world.

Our Promise To You

There will be no dishes to do or meals to prep. You can do nothing on the schedule or everything. Any scheduling for the weekend here or away will be someone elses problem to deal with. Your cell phone will have a message on it saying 'TIME OUT' and your emails will be left unanswered. Any children left behind will amazingly survive while you are away and any partner will be capable without your awesomeness for the weekend. You will surprisingly find that the world doesn't fall apart without you there....... unless of course it does, but then you will only find out on Sunday and by then you will feel like an entirely new, sexy, powerful woman and ready to face the world, so the problem won't even feel like a problem anymore. 

Our Hope For You

Our hope for you is that this will feel revitalized, refreshed with the desire to buy your own SUP and spend summer weekends paddling on Lake Ontario. We hope this will be the beginning of a more positive perspective on life for you and bring out new passions.  If you don't get all this you will get your money back.

Calm, reflective, mindful, healthy, active, silly, fun, crazy, laughter and tears - yes, you really can have it all. 


Only 1 hour from Toronto near Albion Hills for an easy drive after taking a half day at work or the entire day off. 

There's a reason we call it Nirvana. You will arrive through a wooded driveway with a beautiful fresh water natural pond on your right side for paddle boarding or swimming paradise. As you step out of your car the stress evaporates from you and the air seems to instantly make you feel at peace. You sigh.. this is paradise. The yoga hall has a communal eating area and kitchen and yoga hall with windows overlooking the pond. The main house has 4 simple bedrooms with 3 single beds in each and there are small simple cottages on the grounds with single beds and bunkbeds. Clean simplicity at one with nature. You remember what authentic means and it revitalizes the child in you and memories of simpler days of freedom.


There's not much to say.... Jen is a genius.The first time I tasted Jens beautifully prepared food made with love I honestly thought, I've never eaten food this good... and each time it just gets better and better. Vegetarian meals and snacks, everything made with love with an eye for beauty, you'll be taking her recipes home.



$575 +hst per person.

If you want more private accommodation please contact us for additional cost, although we recommend sharing rooms to build the love!

Maximum Guests: 15


Friday June 1:
​Arrival Between 2-4pm
4pm- 5.30 welcome, introduction, meditation

6-7 SUP/Paddleboarding Instruction
7pm dinner

8pm yoga
9pm campfire & silence starts

Saturday June 2:

7am Wake Up Gong - Silence (art easels available)
7.30 Yoga
8.30 Break Silence & Debrief
9.00 Breakfast

10 -10.45  Paddleboarding with Instruction

10.45 -11.30  Fitness Class
11.30-12.30 free time
12.30 -1.30 pm Delicious vegetarian lunch
1.30-3.00 pm Creating Positive Relationships
3.00- 5pm free time
5-6.30 - Mindfulness & walk in nature

7pm dinner
8pm Circle gathering & campfire
pre bed dance & stretch around campfire

Sunday June 3
7am Wake up gong

7.30 Yoga
9am Nutritious breakfast
10 - 11.30  Family dynamics
11.30-1pm - 2 Options: Zumba/ Fitness/Paddleboarding
1pm - Delicious lunch & debrief
2pm deprture